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Soul Painting

Bring Your Own Images To Life. Have you ever seen a photo painted and bought to life on the canvas. Ot is just amazing how much extra emotion and reality can actually be bought into the canvas John has been doing this type of work for a number of years and has extensive experience in…Continue Reading

Art With Purpose

Bring True Purpose to your Artwork. Just think about the paintings hanging on you walls. At the office in the home, in your kids and families home. Do they really have purpose. Does the art give you an oppertunity to take a breath of fresh air and connect to something bigger that yourself. Do the…Continue Reading

A Life In Art

Become a part in your own custom painting with your intention as the images unfold. John’s new paintings come from his years of experience and the desire to share the true meaning behind the canvas. Over the coming months we will be releasing more information about the images as they come alive. You will be able…Continue Reading

Past Exhibitions

Here is a list of our past exhibitions, up to 2008. November 1993 – Playfair Galleries March 1993 – Articles Gallery October 1995 – Castle Gallery April 1996 – Steamfest, Morpeth Gallery September 1997 – Morpeth Gallery December 1998 – Toowoomba Bicentenary November 2000 – Morpeth Gallery June 2002 – Aarwun Gallery Canberra August 2002 –…Continue Reading

John Bradley EXHIBITIONS and EVENTS for 2015

EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS 2015   KEVIN HILL’S TOP TEN SHOWS FOR 2015 Sydney Art Show: Carnarvon Golf Club – Lidcome    May-Friday 1st to  Sunday 3rd   Canberra Art Show: Albert Hall – Yarralumla.  September- Thursday 17th to 20th   MORPETH GALLERY – MORPETH NSW – EXHIBITIONS 2015 Festival of the two Pallettes – March 14th…Continue Reading