Artwork For The Soul. Original Paintings from the mind and heart of John Bradley.

John is recognised as one of the most sought after and published artist in Australia.

Remembering John is now releasing his new collection.

Art With Soul.

Johns unique paintings create a sense of calm and serenity and entice a part of you to join him.

Inspired by his deep feeling for his surroundings, each art piece brings through a special meaning for each person.

The meaning for you becomes clear, as you sit, reflect and connect. Johns amazing use of colour brings to life, a full range of emotion in the eye of the beholder.

Look, see, feel, and if you listen, you may even hear what John hears, as he brings the images to life on canvas.

If while viewing the site a piece of art calls to you, all the art-work is for sale many as one offs or limited releases.

John is looking forwarding to connecting with you soon.

Please Enjoy the art.